Rani Jutti
Delicate sequence and pearls embedded in dupion silk to combine a traditional design with a Morden touch.
This collection is a mix of bling, that will match easily with all your outfits for this festive season.

Rani Jutti


    To enjoy wearing your favourite pair of Raeez Jutti's for a long time, it’s important to take basic care of them, without having to put in a lot of effort.

    Always store your Raeez Jutti's wrapped in a cloth, preferably a muslin cloth, and keep them in a closed box or bag.

    You can clean your pair with a damp towel or cotton cloth and leave it out in the sun for some time to let it dry out naturally. In case the dirt doesn’t go off, you can also use a mild cleanser. For hard-to-go stains, it is better to get the jutti dry cleaned.

    To clean the leather soles, you can use any leather cleaner available in the market.

    Please note – DIY cleaning at home can be done only for digital and screen printed surfaces. Juttis with embroidery or embellishments must be dry cleaned only.

  • We, at Raeez, help you pick up the right shoe size that will fit you well. Our shoes are designed according to the commonly used universal standards. However, it would be better if you measure your feet first to get the accurate size for our footwear range.


    Stand upright against a wall or straight vertical surface, touching the back of your heel to it. Make sure that the floor you stand on, is flat and even.

    1. MEASURE YOUR FOOT LENGTH – Place a measuring scale straight on the floor, parallel to the inside of your foot, as shown in the image below. Now, take any object with a levelled surface, preferably another ruler, and place it across your toes so that its edge touches the tip of your longest toe.

    Note the measurement on the scale from toes to heels, starting from where the scale and the flat object cross each other. That would be the measurement of your foot length.

    2. CONVERSION AND MEASUREMENT CHART – We follow the measurement standards given below to design all our shoes. We advise you to refer this chart to pick up the right size for yourself.

    3. HOW TO CHOOSE THE EXACT SIZE – It is perfectly normal if you realize that your one foot is longer than the other. Just go for the measurement of the larger foot.

    If your foot length falls in between two given sizes, then again you should select the larger foot size.

    Hope the information and instructions stated above help you in selecting your perfect Raeez Jutti  pair. For any other assistance, please contact us anytime.


    35 5 2 22.5
    36 6 3 23.5
    37 7 4 24.5
    38 8 5 25
    39 9 6 25.5
    40 10 7 26
    41 11 8 26.5