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Since the word “Jutti” means a shoe with a closed upper attached to a sole in Urdu. The Jutti was worn first by the Mughals. The Nawab’s known for their royalty looks, thus “Raees” which means royalty in ArabicThus the birth of Designer brand Juttis Raeez – Feel Royal in 2016.

Raeez gives the traditional Juttis a unique style and designs every woman of every age will love.

The brand serves exclusivity to its consumers by giving them styles personally designed to their taste.

Raeez “feel royal” makes sure that you feel as royal as you walk down in these designer Juttis and flaunt these pretties

Raees Juttis are designed with love, in our Bombay design studio and handcrafted by the finest artisans of Punjab.

Keeping the ascetics in mind of the traditional Juttis. Raeez recreates the Juttis with new and innovative designs which lure the women to buy these. These designer Juttis will give the women wearing it a sense of individually. The brand aspects are all about feeling royal thus gives the customer a great shopping experience and after sales services.

‘The brand aims to designs Juttis that will want women to own a collection of Juttis in their shoe wardrobe. Mission of the brand is to keep the tradition Juttis alive and by giving it trendy and contemporary designs so that it can be worn by the women of today’

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